Location: Holliday, TX


More Info:

T/D: HH030808, HH110208




This is an investigation that gave the TRIPP team several personal experiences they will remember.

This is the case we call Holliday House. The case came to us from a woman named Leslie. Leslie asked that we not reveal her last name or give the exact location of the home. All pictures are pictures within the home or outside the home , but not any of the exterior so that it would not be recognized. We respect Leslie's wishes and were grateful she allowed us to investigate. We made two trips to this home, and each time we were not disappointed. Pictures are limited to protect the client.

Claims made by the client were they would hear children playing as well as hearing cattle in the backyard area. Also seeing something out of the corner of their eyes from time to time. They had some pictures that they thought may contain something paranormal going on.




Our most interesting personal experience was when we were trying to do some evp work, and we noticed that one of the flashlights we had seemed to be going off and on during the questioning.

We were in the living area of the home trying to make contact, and we noticed that the KII meter laying on the table began to spike. It spiked up to three lights. There is no electricity in this home, so we were able to rule out anything electrical. After getting the spikes on the KII meter, several of us in that room were trying to make contact in case something was trying to let us know it was there with us. After a while, we were not getting anymore spikes and did not seem to be getting any evp, so we laid our equipment on a table in the room and were sitting and waiting while the other team members were doing their work.

After a while, we decided to try and make contact again and began asking questions. That is when we noticed that the flashlight that was laying on the table was going off and on. It appeared to be going off and on in response to questions we were asking. So, we said that if someone was there with us and wanted to communicate with us, to make the flashlight go off when there was a yes answer to a question we asked.

Over the next 20 minutes, as we asked questions that would be simple yes or no questions, the flashlight went off during some of the questions. So, we repeated the same questions we had just asked, and we got the same answers the second time. If the flashlight went off on the first questioning, it went off during the second round of questions when asked the same thing.

Unfortunately for us, the video camera was running, but being there was no electricity in the home and we were not prepared for this event, the video was too dark and out of alignment with what we were doing. The flashlight was laying right next to the video camera on the table, and we did not want to move the camera, for fear it would interfere with the energy that was making the flashlight go off.

It was an awesome experience for our team and the client, but not anything we captured on film. We did have voice recorders running, but there was no sound on them. The energy was using the flashlight for communicating. We did get several evps in another area of the home, but it is hard to make out what was being said.




During the evp session with the flashlight responses, we found that the entity was a young woman, 14 years old that had been murdered. The killer was caught and punished. The young woman knew the person that killed her. She was not a family member to anyone that had owned this home. She had moved to the area with her parents. After doing what research we could with the information we had, we were not able to find a record of the murder of this young girl. However, we were not able to get a year of her death, so if it was in the 1800's, then any records may have been lost. During the oil boom days, this area was bombarded with people from all over the place working the rigs and living in tent cities.



On the second trip back to the home to see if we could recreate the event again, we were not able to get any response using a flashlight. We only got several pictures and one of them is is interesting. We are not making any claims about the picture, but it is unique.




Explanations of the pictures:
1. Nick in kitchen and anomaly on back wall.
2. Nick in kitchen with anomaly under chair he is sitting in.
3. Building outside with anomalies and dust in the air.
4. Possible anomaly in bedroom.
5. Strange light in dining area. Some of it is caused by reflection off other objects, but there was an odd feeling in that area and is reason picture was taken there.
6. Possible anomalies by the fence.
7. Another view of possible anomalies by the fence.
8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Now this picture some would think is blank. However, it was taken inside with no flash. There was noise and a strange feeling in the area at the time, so some pictures were taken. Although we thought the picture may have been worthless, we decided to run some lighting filters on it. To our surprise we began to see something come through. Pictures 8 through 12 are the same picture and you can see how it progressed as we lightened it. We make no claim about what the picture is. Many have told us it looks like 2 figures looking at us. We can not say for sure.
13, 14, 15 & 16. These are pictures of the old jail in Holliday. It could maybe only house 2 people. The jail was split in two. One side for men and one for women. Must have been midgets. Just handed prisoners food through the holes. We wonder if this is the jail that the person stayed in that murdered the young girl whose entity we had contact with at the Holliday house.








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