Location:     Downtown Historical District, Wichita Falls, Texas

Investigators:    The entire TRIPP team

More Info:    Building is large enough to accommodate the entire team

D/T: BC121905-1900, BC010206-1900, BC011206-1900, BC042506-2000, BC050506-2100



Built back in 1892, this building was once a trading post for American Indians that kept a bone yard in back where the Indians would trade bones in exchange for needed supplies. The bones would then be shipped to the east coast to be used for fertilizer and such.
The building has been the home to numerous types of businesses since. It sets directly next to the BNSF railroad and is in the historical district. Almost 100 years later in the 1980's it was declared a historical building. There was a fire in the basement of the building in the 1938 when it was The Industrial Supply Company. It was reported to be caused by combustible materials stored in barrels. It is said that when the fire fighters opened the doors to go in green smoke poured out.
Julie Coley confirmed that there were 2 deaths (at seperate times) on the property.
Also the land at one time did belong to the Indians and the area was known to harbor many an outlaw hiding out, including Frank and Jesse James.



Investigation #1: We began our first investigation at 7:00 pm. The building has three levels so we decided to start in the basement area and work our way up.

Once in the basement we immediately began to feel uncomfortable. Our team members that are sensitives picked up a presence of an older man who seemed very irritated that we were there. They were also picking up an entity believed to be either a Daniel or a Danielle. They then felt a smothering sensation similar to not being able to breathe because of smoke in a fire. You should know that this investigation was before we found out that a fire had occurred at the building at one time.

On the main level we picked up feelings of being watched and captured a few pictures that at the time seemed odd.

We then went upstairs to the third level in what we call the attic. Some members felt a peaceful feeling while others felt a feeling of uneasiness. We captured many pictures of orbs and one member got a great picture of a mist. We also obtained several evps, but did not realize that until later on when listening to the recorders. It was what we heard on the evps that prompted us to go back again for more investigations.  

Investigation #2: On our first return visit we decided to only have female team members go on the investigation. This was to try and rule out that the evps we had gotten the first time may have come from our own team members. There were no males and no children at this investigation. However we still picked up several evps that were definitely male and several that sounded like a small child. One evp did not sound friendly. We decided we would come back another time and see if we could get it again. This next time with male members of the team coming along.

Investigation #3: On the third trip, we heard what sounded like a males voice in the basement. We had set up a video recorder in hopes of catching something that way. What we got from that video is what looks like an orb coming out of the wall and then going back in. Several of the team members got the feeling of being touched like in previous investigations.

When in the attic level we captured pictures of what has been told to us, by those who analyze photos, is a black mist. It was pretty awesome and even though at the time the team members could not see it, they were reacting to it. One felt sick and another felt something close to her that was moving. One team member got some video of something behind him.

Investigation #4: Two team members went back at a later time and stayed all night in the attic. They got video of what they believe is an entity responding to them while playing with a candle.

Investigation #5: On the last visit, we all just went directly to the attic since that seems to be where the most activity is. We concentrated on video, cameras and audio recorders. For some strange reason the team didn't obtain any evidence that evening, although several team members reported being touched again. At this time we do not plan to go back. This place gave us a lot of firsts for our team.


* There were objects that seem to move on their own, and in response to researchers questions.
* Researchers experienced strong feelings of entities in our presence and also encountered smells that were believed to be paranormal in nature.
* Experiments were done that proved to be exhilarating and a couple of pictures that have been proven to be unexplainable.
* A chair in a back room that would cause the body to tingle when it was sat in. Several team members experienced this phenomena.
* EVP's of at least 4 different entities. Each time we had evp of a small female child there was also an adult male with her. It seemed like he was telling her to be quiet.
* Areas where the temps would change suddenly. One night there was a small area about 6 ft. by 6 ft. and on one side it was extremely cold, and on the other side it was so warm members were removing their jackets.
* We were in the shop in the very back of the building and there was a back door that the guys tried to open it to look out, but it was hard to do because the door seemed swollen and stuck. They worked hard to get it closed all the way. So we were all standing around and doing some evp and looking at things and someone made mention of a sign of some kind to let us know if anyone was there. All of a sudden that door flew open and slammed into a table next to it. We all jumped because it scared us. It did not just open a little, the door flew open hard. We wondered how it could do that when the guys had a really hard time opening and closing it. We took it that something/someone made that door fly open.
* On the same night some of us were there in the same area and smelled a strong sulfur type smell that came and went.



This building proved to supply the TRIPP team with many personal experiences not likely to be forgotten. There were evps that were very clear and a few pictures that are unexplainable. In our honest opinion, this building is definitely haunted.










First off, we are not saying that this is a spirit orb, we are just showing a video clip of something we picked up on an investigation. The person filming was having problems with the camera and was adjusting it at the time. We'll let you decide what you think it might be. This building however was VERY active.









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